Less Imported Gas Means More Energy Security

Ontario’s daily natural gas demand is about 2.8 billion cubic feet. Ontario’s domestic natural gas production is about 0.8 percent of this demand. That means Ontario imports more than 99 percent of the natural gas it uses for residential and business heating, for industry and for electricity generation.

  • Natural gas accounts for approximately one third of Ontario’s primary energy use.
  • Ontario competes for natural gas in the North American and global marketplace to meet the needs of residential, commercial, industrial consumers and electricity generators.
  • Historically, natural gas prices have been subject to substantial price volatility.


Figure 2: 3-Day Average Natural Gas Price

Graph of oil prices from year 1999 to year 2012. The price is very volitile; reacting to major, catastropic events such as Hurricane Katrina.Source: National Energy Board
  • A 2010 study commissioned by the Ontario Energy Board estimated that 30 percent of Ontario’s natural gas supply would be from U.S. shale gas by 2030.
  • The province’s growing reliance on imported natural gas exposes Ontario consumers to both home heating and electricity price volatility.