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Privacy Statement of the Power Workers' Union Protection Plan

  1. Any information obtained as part of the registration form is strictly owned, managed, and controlled by the PWU and is collected, retained and used only for purposes of keeping track of and engaging in Union business, including the representation of the PWU membership. Consistent with these purposes:
    • This information will not be accessible by anyone else.
    • This information will not be used by any other third parties for any purposes whatsoever.
    • The information and membership list will not be used to solicit or sell anything whatsoever.
  2. Any information obtained as part of a claim or Incident Report is strictly private and confidential information between you (Insured Member of the Power Workers' Union Protection Plan) and the insurance company responsible for providing coverage.
    • In short, the PWU will not be notified or informed about any type of claim that occurs. The PWU will not have any kind of access to any kind of records or information about any specific claim. This information is strictly protected, and is private and confidential.
    • Insurance companies are subject to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). They cannot and will not use, share, or distribute any of your information in any way, except strictly for the purposes of managing, adjusting, and settling your claim.
    • The PWU has taken great care in choosing trusted, reputable insurers and developing contracts and agreements to safeguard the security of everyone insured under the Power Workers' Union Protection Plan.
    • Note To learn more about privacy, your rights, and PIPEDA, go to