Elected Representatives

The Power Workers’ Union takes great pride in the fact that we are among the most democratic unions anywhere.

The Process
It starts in your own workplace - where you and your co-workers elect your Steward - the individual who will speak on your behalf to your supervisors and who will represent you in the union.

Chief Stewards are elected by the membership in larger PWU bargaining units and by the Principal Stewards in the case of geographic groupings of electrical utilities. Your Chief Stewards are the people who help to set union policy and in the larger bargaining units they deal with more senior levels of management.

The Chief Stewards elect your Union Executive Board Members - the people responsible for setting our strategy for the future, for dealing with major challenges that affect any of our members and for deciding when the PWU will "go public" on issues we think are important to our members, our employers or the wider community.

The President and Vice Presidents of the Union are elected at an election convention. Members in each one of our sector units across Ontario elect delegates to represent them at the election convention and to vote in the elections.

If you have questions, advice or suggestions for any member of the Power Workers' Union Executive, contact through e-mail.