Health and Safety

There are PWU health and safety representatives at every location where our members are employed and the PWU employs full-time industrial health and safety experts.

Don’t face high risk hazards alone.

The PWU is dedicated to working towards an accident-free workplace for its membership. Even today, despite the concentrated efforts of unions everywhere, far too many workers are killed and injured on the job.

The PWU has taken a strong leadership role in the health and safety of our membership. Elected PWUrepresentatives assisted by Staff Officers interface with employers on a regular and ongoing basis to resolve health and safety concerns.

Our members face unforgiving hazards in a multitude of diverse workplaces every working day. Those hazards must be understood and eliminated or controlled.

The PWU has always placed the safety of its members at the highest level of the union's agenda.

The PWU provides specialized training to our Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) members and Health and Safety Representatives. These members have the task of inspecting workplaces, advocating for proactive program development, identifying problems and crafting solutions to ensure workplace safety.

Our members are covered by the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario (OHSA), or the Canada Labour Code, Part II, depending on whether their employer falls under provincial or federal jurisdiction. Each of these laws provides that worker representatives must be appointed by the PWU.

The PWU has rpresentatives on more than 200 JHSCs.

The PWU supports the Internal Responsibility System (IRS) and has worked with some of the employers of our members to enhance the IRS.

PWU JHSC members and Health and Safety Representatives' duties are specified in the Health and Safety Legislation of which their workplace is covered; their accountability is to their membership through the elected officers of the PWU.

In order for the PWU to achieve a safe and healthy workplace for PWU members, the elected representatives of the PWU and the JHSC must work together, to achieve the highest level of safe work environment for all of their members.

Safety is of upmost importance to everyone.

Employees have the right in most circumstances to refuse work that is likely to endanger him or her. Most of our collective agreements also give certified health and safety representatives the right to prevent the start of work or to stop work when a workplace is unsafe.

If you have questions about the health and safety of your workplace, ask your Steward for the name of the PWU Health and Safety Representative at your location, or send your question or concern by e-mail to our PWU Health and Safety Staff Officers.

The PWU's Goal:
To create workplaces where no workers are killed, injured or exposed to hazardous substances.