Retired Workers’ Chapter

The Power Workers’ Union is a very democratic union and that doesn’t end when you retire.


The PWU continues to represent you after you’ve retired – on issues like pensions and benefits or other matters that may arise after your retirement.

The PWU Retired Workers’ Chapter is your “bargaining unit”. The RWC President sits on the Union’s Executive Board. It helps make sure that you are informed of any issues that might affect you and of the actions the Union is taking to protect your interests. It also helps make sure that you have a voice in any Union actions that might affect you.

More than that, the Retired Workers’ Chapter is a way of making sure that the PWU continues to have access to your advice and experience after you’ve retired.

More and more, retirees who once worked at companies represented by the PWU remain active on the Internet after they retire. The RWC wants to take advantage of this trend to provide more up-to-date information and interactive services.

The RWC website keeps communications open. The RWC would also like to send members important and timely information by email. Send an email to to be included. Your email address will not be shared with any third party and will be used only for communications from the RWC. Feel free to send along any questions and comments to the same email address. We want to hear from you!

Issues faced by employees and retirees are often inseparable.
It is important that each support the other.
The RWC also:


Acts as a liaison between active PWU members and retirees by providing input to the PWU for the bargaining of pension and benefit issues.


Provides information to its members on issues facing the PWU that should be of interest to retirees.


Uses different forms of providing information to its members, including newsletters, this website and occasional regional meetings to discuss issues that should be of interest to retirees.


Provides an opportunity for direct input to the PWU on any and all issues.

RWC Forms

RWC Organization Chart


Vice President Sector 1
(Nuclear Generation)

Peter Falconer

Frank Mayburry

Terry Pigeau

Jo-Anne Usher

Vice President Sector 2
(Non-nuclear Generation)

Fred Hansen

Dave Shier

Nick Allan

Marilyn Desserre

Vice President Sector 3
(Hydro 1, ESA, Utilities)
(519) 818-7990

Norm Eady

Robert Taylor

Peter Dornhoff

Danny Farrell

Secretary / Treasurer


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