Electrical Safety Authority - Power Workers Union

Electrical Safety Authority

Electrical Inspectors are referred to the ESA through the Joint CUSW/PWU Dispatch. The PWU and ESA jointly agree to the list of qualified Electrical Inspectors. Electrical Inspectors must hold a valid Construction and Maintenance Electricians License (309A) with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the electrical trade. Applicants with the required qualifications, referred through the PWU, are interviewed and accepted by the ESA prior to being eligible to be referred to work through the Hiring Hall.

Inspectors are generally hired by geographic location. Inspectors hired outside their geographic location are eligible for the same subsistence allowance provisions as regular Electrical Inspectors.

Electrical Inspectors have $3 per earned hour remitted to the retirement plan and $2 per earned hour remitted to the benefit plan.

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