Member Job Satisfaction Survey - Power Workers Union

Member Job Satisfaction Survey

The purpose of this survey is to examine Toronto Hydro PWU Member job satisfaction.
In this survey, we will be obtaining your thoughts and opinions in order to better serve you in the future. This should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Your responses will be anonymous and will never be linked to you personally.
Your participation is entirely voluntary. Thank you for your cooperation.

Member Job Satisfaction Survey

Please review each statement carefully and indicate your level of agreement.


1. I trust and have confidence in my direct Supervisor/Manager.

2. I trust and have confidence in my General Manager.

3. I trust and have confidence in my company’s Executive.

4. I trust and have confidence in my company’s Director(s).

5. I trust and have confidence in my company’s CEO.

6. I am given the support and instruction I need from management to do my job well.

7. There is good communication between management and staff.

8. I am treated fairly by management.

9. Management listens to my concerns.

10. I find it difficult to approach management on the issues that concern me.

11. At times, I feel intimidated by management.


12. The responsibilities of my job are clear.

13. My job is fulfilling.

14. When I do good work, it is recognized.

15. My work environment is stressful.

16. My employer contracting out has had an impact on my day-to-day duties.

17. I see contractors doing work for Toronto Hydro that I know Toronto Hydro staff could do as well or better.

18. I believe Toronto Hydro’s use of contractors is good for Toronto Hydro customers.

19. I worry about the future of my position.

20. I have access to sufficient resources and tools I need to do my job.


21. My manager has a genuine interest in my career development.

22. There are opportunities to grow in my career within the company.

23. I feel respected and valued in my position.


24. Toronto Hydro follows and operates by these core values:

(i) Social Commitment

(ii) Environmental Responsibility

(iii) Economic Accountability

25. Toronto Hydro is heading in a positive direction.

26. I worry about the future of Toronto Hydro.

27. Toronto Hydro makes an effort to inform its staff on the progress and direction of the company.

28. Toronto Hydro is transparent about its operations in all official statements and reports released by the company.


Please consider the following questions and answer them according to a scale of 1-10, with 1 being "extremely negative" to 10 being "extremely positive."

29. In your opinion, what is the current public opinion of Toronto Hydro?

30. In your opinion, how do you think that public opinion about Toronto Hydro has changed in the past 5 years?

31. In your opinion, how do you predict that public opinion of Toronto Hydro will change in the next 5 years?

Additional: Please write any further comments or concerns you have here:

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