Investing in Ontario's Energy Advantages

As part of the Ministry of Energy’s review of the Long-Term Energy Plan, Ontarians were asked how the government should balance ratepayer costs, electricity system reliability and greenhouse gas emissions.

Independent expert analyses show that the best way to ensure a reliable, low-carbon, secure, safe and reasonably-priced electricity supply for the future should include:

  • Completing the refurbishment of all of the nuclear reactors at the Darlington and Bruce Nuclear Generating Stations;
  • Building two new reactors at the Darlington site;
  • Recycling the provincially-owned coal generating stations at Nanticoke, Lambton and Thunder Bay to use biomass and/or natural gas;
  • Pursuing opportunities to expand and develop Ontario’s remaining commercially-viable hydroelectric potential;
  • Setting realistic conservation targets;
  • Immediately curtailing wind and solar generation developments;
  • Renewing aging transmission and distribution infrastructure;
  • Facilitating the deployment of smart grid technology for zero-emission electric vehicles; and
  • Training the skilled people that will be needed to operate and maintain the increasingly high-tech electricity system.

These actions also happen to be the best way to spur manufacturing growth and innovation and expedite economic recovery in Ontario.