Union Dues

Hiring Hall members’ dues must be up-to-date to be active on the Out of Work Lists and to be eligible for work through the Hiring Hall.


For members employed through the PWU Hiring Hall the employer remits $1.00 per paid hour to the PWU as Union Dues.

Unemployed members must pay Basic Dues of $20.00 for each full calendar month of unemployment whether through layoff or standoff. Dues can be paid in advance or on a month by month basis. Members who fall more than six months in arrears in their dues are removed from the Out-of-Work Lists and may be removed from the workplace. Members in arrears must pay a $150.00 Reinstatement Fee and one month’s Basic Dues to be eligible for work through the Hiring Hall. Members paying a Reinstatement Fee should confirm they are eligible for referral through the Hiring Hall prior to paying the fee as their qualifications may have expired.

Basic Dues and Reinstatement Fees can be paid with a Visa or Mastercard online through the secure PWU members’ website, members.pwu.ca or by sending a cheque or money order by mail. Cheques or money orders for Basic Dues and Reinstatement Fees should be payable to the Power Workers’ Union and mailed to:

PWU Hiring Hall
c/o Hiring Hall Admin.
244 Eglinton Avenue East
Toronto, ON M4P 1K2

Dues remitted to the PWU Hiring Hall by employers are shown on the members’ T4 slip provided by the employer for income tax purposes. Members will receive a receipt from the PWU in February of each year for Basic Dues paid to the PWU Hiring Hall in the previous calendar year for income tax purposes. Reinstatement Fees are not tax deductible.