The Power Workers’ Union (PWU), is a proud Canadian union and, by far, the largest, most progressive and successful union in Ontario’s electricity sector.

power workers’ union


Ontario’s Largest Electricity Sector Union

The PWU, one of Canada’s strongest, most democratic and progressive unions, is a knowledgeable and experienced player in the energy sector.

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safe working conditions

We take workplace health and safety very seriously at the Power Workers’ Union. Our Joint Health and Safety Committee Members are trained to know what to do if a PWU member needs help.

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we help keep the lights on

We are committed to delivering a promising future for our membership and continuing to help keep the lights on for all Ontarians.

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Recent Submissions, Newsletters and News

Clean Electricity Standard Submission Nov 2023

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) proposed the draft Clean Electricity Regulation (CER) that significantly reduces the ability to use gas-fired generation after 2035. The proposed CER reflects many of the inputs the PWU has provided. However, the proposed CER many risk areas that make it impossible for the CER to achieve its objectives anywhere […]

Submission on the IESO’s GTA North Regional Planning September 2023

The IESO presented its findings of the recent scoping assessment for the GTA North (York Region) and recommended that they undertake a new Integrated Regional Resource Planning (IRRP) activity. The PWU applauds the IESO’s consideration of the new demand identified in the provinces recent Powering Ontario’s Growth Report and the government’s directive to ensure a […]

Submission to Finance Canada on the Budget 2023 Clean Energy ITCs

The federal government is seeking feedback on the design of a number of clean energy related refundable Investment Tax Credit (ITC) that were proposed and or refined in the 2023 Budget. The PWU is pleased that the federal government is responding to the U.S. direction in its Inflation Reduction Act and has acted on many […]

PWU Submission on Critical Transmission Infrastructure ERO 019-7336

The Ministry of Energy (MoE) is seeking feedback regarding the priority of three Critical Transmission Infrastructure projects in Northeast and Eastern Ontario. The PWU recognizes the urgency of these projects and supports the Ministry’s prioritization of these three transmission projects by Hydro One in order to accelerate the development. However, the PWU also recommends that […]

Submission on the IESO’s Central-West Bulk System Planning Study Plan August 2023

The IESO provided an update on the bulk system planning and study for the Central-West area to ensure continued, reliable supply to the London area in light of the recently announced Volkswagen EV plant. The Central West Area encompasses the Bruce and Niagara Peninsula and all areas to Windsor. The IESO sought feedback on bulk […]

PWU Submission on IESO York Region NWA Demonstration Project EPRI Study

PWU Submission on IESO York Region NWA Demonstration Project EPRI Study, Aug 17, 2023 The IESO is seeking feedback on the draft Electricity Research Power Institute (EPRI) Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Scenarios and Modelling Study findings prepared for the IESO’s York Region Non-Wires Alternative (NWA) demonstration project. In response to questions posed by the IESO, […]

why pwu?

The PWU is the largest and most successful union in Ontario’s electricity sector.



Ontario’s electricity sector has faced numerous tumultuous policy shifts in the last 20 years. Predicting these shifts, influencing them positively where possible and adapting innovatively and intelligently – all in ways that create the most opportunities for sustainable, high-pay, high-skill jobs are products of many decades of organizational experience in the PWU.


proven track record

The PWU has a proven track record of strong union representation and bargaining quality collective agreements with excellent pay rates, job security provisions, working conditions, pensions and benefits―without work stoppages. That’s why we are Ontario’s largest electricity sector union.



The PWU provides extensive union based training to new members, Stewards, Chief Stewards and Health and Safety Representatives. Our union is financially strong, based on solid democratic principles and is supported by dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced elected representatives and support staff.

better energy choices