Organization Chart

The PWU is a strong union because we have strong leadership guiding a strong membership.

Executive Board

  • Jeff Parnell
    Jeff Parnell President

Sector 1

  • Andrew Clunis
    Andrew Clunis Vice President Sector 1
  • Bob Masterson
    Bob Masterson Sector Rep
  • Scott Thomson
    Scott Thomson Sector Rep
  • Chad Simpson
    Chad Simpson Sector Rep

Sector 2

  • Mike Hambly
    Mike Hambly Vice President Sector 2
  • Gene Capasso
    Gene Capasso Sector Rep
  • Ravi Seegobin
    Ravi Seegobin Sector Rep
  • Jordan Douglas
    Jordan Douglas Sector Rep

Sector 3

  • Tom Chessell
    Tom Chessell Vice President Sector 3
  • Darrin Nesbitt
    Darrin Nesbitt Sector Rep
  • George Harrison
    George Harrison Sector Rep
  • Jenn Vautour
    Jenn Vautour Sector Rep

Sector 4

  • James Middleton
    James Middleton Vice President - Sector 4
  • Rob Mogus
    Rob Mogus Sector Rep
  • Lineisha Bernard
    Lineisha Bernard Sector Rep
  • Jeff Priddle
    Jeff Priddle Sector Rep

Hiring Hall

  • Bruce Toms
    Bruce Toms Sector Rep

Retired Workers’ Chapter

  • Peter Kelly
    Peter Kelly Retired Workers’ Chapter

Staff Union

  • Andrew Kolar
    Andrew Kolar Staff Union

Sector 1

Chief Stewards

UNIT 1A Daniel Campbell (BP)
UNIT 1B Asif Raza (BP)
UNIT 2 Jay Croft (BP)
UNIT 3 Chris Reid (BP)
UNIT 4 Paul Seaman (BP)
UNIT 5 Bob Masterson (BP/Abraflex)
UNIT 6 Britt Hartel (BP)
UNIT 7 Adam Burgess* (BP)
UNIT 8 Steve Piper (BP/Compass)
UNIT 9 Caelen Lankin (OPG-N)
UNIT 10 Chad Simpson (OPG-N)
UNIT 11 Devan Buffin (OPG-N)
UNIT 12 Don Nelson (OPG-N)
UNIT 13 Nathalie Labreque
UNIT 14 Deb McQueen* (OPG-N/NWMO)

UNIT 15 Martin Homan (OPG-N)
UNIT 16 Mike Mills (KIN)
UNIT 17 Chris Azavedo (OPG-N)
UNIT 18 Candace Geurtsen (OPG-N)
UNIT 19 Scott Thomson
UNIT 20 Shea Goddard (OPG-N)
UNIT 21 Charlie Burge (OPG-N)
UNIT 22 Kevin Knott (OPG-N)
UNIT 23 Melissa Burge* (OPG-N)
UNIT 24 Darcy McGrath (CNL)
UNIT 25 Dave Bell  (OPG-N/Laurentis)
UNIT 26 Gary Lemelin (HH)

Principal Stewards

1-05 Abraflex 2004 Ltd. – Lindsey Trelford
1-08 Compass BP – Tom Ayers
1-13 Compass – PNGS – Jennifer Murray
1-13 Compass – PLC/Brock Road – Vacant
1-14 NWMO – Beverly Maxwell
1-19 Compass Darlington – Vacant
1-25 Laurentis Energy Adrian Ewings

Sector 2

Chief Stewards

UNIT 1 Wade Bates (OPG)
UNIT 2 Gene Capasso (OPG)
UNIT 7 Ravi Seegobin (RG)
UNIT 8 Kevin Borges (OPG)
UNIT 9 Wes Townsend (OPG)
UNIT 10 Paul Maher (OPG)
UNIT 11 Jason Cody* (OPG)
UNIT 12 Jordan Douglas* (OPG)
UNIT 13 Chantal Marier (NHSS)
UNIT 14 Kevin Engineer (OPG)
UNIT 15 Robert Wilson (OPG)

Principal Stewards


  • Atlantic Power – Donald Doucet
  • Bracebridge Generation – Jeff Willie
  • Brookfield Power Wind Operations – Mike McLean
  • Covanta Durham York – Brock Murphy
  • Enwave Windsor – Todd Brown
  • EthosEnergy – Brad Fisher
  • Great Lakes Power Limited –Greg Prodan
  • Greenfield South Power – Matt Simone
  • Mississagi Power – Kyle Mathieu
  • TransAlta – Kevin Lefebvre
  • Atura
  • Halton Hills Generating Station – Michael Chen
  • Napanee Generating Station – Cory Munro
  • Portlands Energy Centre – Ravi Seegobin
  • Brighton Beach Power – Jason Cristofaro

Sector 3

Chief Stewards

UNIT 2 Michael Lukasko* (HO/ Brant County Municipality)
UNIT 3 Colin Ruttan (HO)
UNIT 4 Darren Nesbitt (HO)
UNIT 5 Danielle Bryant(HO CSO)
UNIT 6 Cody Niven (HO)
UNIT 7 Andy Fritsch (HO)
UNIT 9 Dolores Maddison (HO)
UNIT 10 Ted Taylor (HO)
UNIT 11 Brian Nowry (HO)
UNIT 12 Kyle Laverty (HO)
UNIT 13 Jodie Ross* (HO)
UNIT 14 Lucas Parker (HO)

UNIT 15 Darlene Nelson (HO)
UNIT 16 Rodney McLeod (HO)
UNIT 17 Eric Ouimette (HO)
UNIT 18 Scott St.Pierre (HO)
UNIT 19 George Harrison (HO)
UNIT 20 Tyler Coulis (HO)
UNIT 21 Nicole Kaufmann* (HO)
UNIT 22 Lori Carruthers  (HO)
UNIT 24 Iqbal Pooni* (IESO)

UNIT 28 Patrick Fee* (ESA N)
UNIT 29 Jenn Vautour (ESA S)
UNIT 31 Kelly Pellerin (HH)
UNIT 32 Bruce Toms (HH)
UNIT 33 Dan Bannerman (HH)

Sector 4

Chief Stewards

UNIT 1 – Jeff Priddle (NU)
UNIT 2 – Mike Bickers (CNU)
UNIT 3 – Phil Parkinson (CSU)
UNIT 4 – Cole Stewart (SWU)
UNIT 5 – Hilton Meade(TH Inside)
UNIT 6 – Jeff Hughson (TH Outside)
UNIT 7 – Lineisha Bernard* (TH/Aptum/eStruxture)
UNIT 8 – Denise Carr (Alectra Utilities)
UNIT 9 – Chris Suehiro (Alectra Brampton)
UNIT 10 – Drew McMacken (Alectra Miss.)
UNIT 11 – Rob Mogus (Alectra Ham./St. Cath)

Principal Stewards


Algoma Power – David Hare
North Bay Power – Bill Kirkpatrick
Nothern Ontario Wires – Mark Kulgawchuk
PUC Services – Jeff Priddle (CS)
Sioux Lookout Hydro – Steven Rattai
Synergy North Corporation – Tyler Barker
Chapleau Public Utilities Corporation – Jon McEachren


Cornwall Electric – Manon Litalien
Elexicon Energy – Laura Beattie
EPCOR Electricity Distribution Ontario Inc. (Inside) – Jason Steer
EPCOR Electricity Distribution Ontario Inc. (Outside) – Stephane Demore
InnPower Corporation – Mike Bickers (CS)
Newmarket-Tay Power Distribution Ltd. – Derrick Walters
Orangeville Hydro – Dave Brett


Grimsby Power – Phil Parkinson (CS)
Halton Hills Hydro – Jon Husarewych
Enova – Tim Beyer*
Lakeland Power Distribution Ltd. – Curtis Healey
Milton Hydro – Laura Crowe
Quality Tree Service – Vacant
SouthWestern Energy – Vacant
Centre Wellington Hydro Ltd. – Joel Coyle


ERTH Power Corporation – Tyler Marr
ERTH Holdings – Ann Paquette
London Hydro – Cole Stewart (CS)
Rogers Communications – Shane Middelkamp
The Town of Tillsonburg – Derek Schonewille
Westario Power Inc. – Brent Walton


Aptum Technologies – Vacant
eStruxture – Shawn Powell

PWU Staff

John Ives – Staff Officer Reporting to the President
Susan Denomme – Executive Assistant

Steve Welsh- Staff Officer
Scott Duff – Staff Officer
Taylor MacDonald – Sr. Admin. Assistant

Vince Campaner – Staff Officer
Sheri Hartle – Sr. Admin. Assistant

Bryan Roberts – Staff Officer
Nichole Renkewitz- Sr. Admin. Assistant

Andrew Kolar – Staff Officer
Myranda Lima – Sr. Admin. Assistant

Jordan Andrews- Staff Officer
Kait Aleluia- Sr. Admin. Assistant
Laura Barber – Sr. Admin. Assistant (Relief)

Katie Lack – Training Coordinator

Christa Helsdon – Staff Officer – Grievance
Todd Bunnett – Staff Officer – Grievance
Elaine Ledwidge – Staff Officer – Grievance
David Philpott – Staff Officer – Grievance
Pam Rafeiro – Staff Officer – Job Classification
Keri Borg – Staff Officer In Training – Job Classification
Laura Nussey – Sr. Admin. Assistant

Phil Hames – Staff Officer
Karen Pitsadiotis – Staff Officer
Lindsay Beaulieu – Sr. Admin. Assistant

Dave Zelasko – Staff Officer
Bailey Farrell – Staff Officer
Shelby Neilsen – Sr. Admin. Assistant
Alisha Soberal – Sr. Admin Assistant (Temp/Relief)

Lisa Kim – Sr. Admin. Assistant

Stephen D’Arcy – Chief Financial Officer
Steve Law  – Staff Officer
Liz Barber – Payroll & Accounts Admin. Assistant

Katie Lack – Office Supervisor
Sarah LaFave – Sr. Data Admin
Liz Barber – Admin. Assistant
Alisha Soberal – Admin. Assistant
Policia Frederick – Sr. Admin Assistant
Jack Parnell – Sr. Admin Assistant

Jennifer Whyte – Staff Officer
Daniele Fleming – Staff Officer (On Leave)
Marc Levesque – Staff Officer (Relief)
Steve Allan – Staff Officer
Rachel McGrath – Staff Officer – Dispatch
Amanda Davenport – Admin. Assistant
Erin Farley- Sr. Admin. Assistant
Christine Brown – Security Clearance Coordinator

Chris Dassios – General Counsel
Jessica Latimer – Associate General Counsel|
Kate Ford – Paralegal/Law Clerk

Tim Reesor – Computer Systems Specialist
Siri – Manager of IT

Allen Wickert – Executive Managing Director
Adam Kelly – Maintenance Personnel
Gheorghe Rejep – Maintenance Personnel


BP Bruce Power IESO Independent Electricity System Operator
CNL Canadian Nuclear Laboratories NHSS New Horizon System Solutions
CS Chief Steward NWMO Nuclear Waste Management Organization
CSO Customer Service Operations OPG Ontario Power Generation
ESA Electrical Safety Authority OPG-N Ontario Power Generation Nuclear
KIN Kinectrics TH Toronto Hydro
HH Hiring Hall * Acting
HO Hydro One