10. Can retirees buy coverage at their own expense? - Power Workers Union

10. Can retirees buy coverage at their own expense?

Purves Redmond Limited, the Insurance Brokers in respect of the PWUPP offers a product that members of the PWU Retirees Chapter can purchase directly from Purves Redmond Limited to provide coverage.

Members wishing to purchase retirement coverage must contact the PWUPP Call Centre at 1-877-393-0338 at least 30 days prior to retirement to ensure that they can continue coverage seamlessly. Although retirement does not affect title insurance coverage and legal defence/ID Theft coverage continues until the first March 12th following retirement, it is important that the purchase of coverage beyond that point is arranged prior to retirement. Retirees may buy title insurance at their own expense by contacting the PWUPP Call Centre.

NOTE that members of the PWU Chapter of Retirees have access to ID Theft coverage provided by Cyberscout at no additional cost to them and do not need to purchase the product.

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