PWU Bruce Power Out of Province/Country Medical Insurance Program

Welcome to the PWU Bruce Power Out of Province/Country Medical Insurance Program.

This program offers comprehensive and affordable emergency medical travel insurance coverage to the retirees of the Power Workers’ Union (Bruce Power). 

This coverage has been established by the PWU specifically for the benefit of the Canadian Resident PWU (Bruce Power) regular members, both active and retired. Coverage is funded by the PWU and is partially subsidized for those Retired members who opt into the program within the established timelines. 

Arrangements for post-retirement coverage must be made directly with the Insurance Company by the member no later than 60 days from date of retirement. to arrange for post-retirement coverage.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for the insurance plan?

The cost of the coverage for PWU Bruce Power Active Members is funded by monies that were allocated for the specific benefit of the PWU Bruce Power members as a result of the PWU’s equity interest in Bruce Power LP.  The PWU Bruce Site Equity Committee initiated the coverage and it has remained in effect since October 1, 2008.  The cost of the plan is currently subsidized for all plan members, including both active and retired members.  Retirees currently receive the same level of subsidization toward their annual costs as active members do.

What is an Active Member?

An active member is a member under the age of 69, who is employed by Bruce Power as a regular PWU employee, including members on long term disability

As a Regular Active Bruce Power – PWU Member, how do I enroll?

As an active Bruce Power – PWU member, you are automatically enrolled with family coverage for eligible family members.

Do Job Share or Regular Part-Time members receive full access to family benefits through this insurance?

To be eligible, Job Share or Regular Part-Time members must work at least 17.5 hours on average per week and meet the eligibility requirements of the policy.

I am a PWU Retiree, but not from Bruce Power. Do I have access to this coverage?

This particular coverage is only available to Bruce Power regular PWU members and retirees. Other bargaining units within the PWU may also have similar coverage in place, but in order to confirm this, you would need to contact the company you retired from directly.

Can Appendix A members access this coverage?

No. This insurance is restricted to regular active members (including members on long term disability), as well as retired members who specifically enroll for coverage within 60 days of their retirement date. Contact PSBT (Power Sector Benefits Trust) for information on plans available to Appendix A members.

What is the length of stay allowable under the plan? Do I need to purchase extra coverage to extend my stay beyond 60 days?

Active members provide coverage for up to 60 days per trip.

Retired members have coverage up to the level they purchased at renewal. Retiree members have the option to enroll for a coverage period of 60, 90, 120, 150 or 180 days per trip. Retired members can choose the coverage period at the time of renewal.

If you need coverage for a trip longer than the coverage period on your insurance, you can contact the insurer directly at 1-877-292-0082 to purchase additional insurance. The additional insurance is a separate insurance with its own terms and conditions.
Note that you must continue to be covered by your government health insurance plan of your province or territory of residence.

Do I need to advise someone before I travel?

No.  However, if you have a medical emergency during your trip, it is best to phone the claims line before seeking medical treatment

If my trip coincides with the renewal of my coverage year, will the applicable period of coverage for my travel plan reset on October 1?

No. The coverage period defines the number of days allowed per trip. The coverage period does not reset in the middle of a trip.

If my spouse is retired but I am still an active PWU member, is there a requirement for my spouse to enroll to obtain the coverage?

Your spouse can continue to be covered under your active member coverage provided your spouse meets the eligibility for dependent coverage. However, when you retire, you would need to enroll for family coverage within 60 days of your retirement date.

Pre-existing Conditions

Travel insurance is designed to cover losses arising from sudden and unforeseeable circumstances. It is important that you read your benefit booklet and understand your coverage before you travel, as your coverage is subject to certain limitations and exclusions.

Actives:  The claim must be “sudden and unforeseen”.  Generally speaking, if the event happens quickly and could not be predicted or expected then it is sudden and unforeseen. However, that being said, a claim cannot be guaranteed before it occurs.

Retirees:  Claims which were not “stable” in the 90 days prior to departure date are not eligible. Please refer to your benefit booklet for the definition of stable. Pre-existing medical condition exclusions may apply to medical conditions and/or symptoms that existed before your trip. Refer to your benefit booklet to determine how these exclusions affect your coverage and how they relate to your departure date.

COVID 19 – Related Costs

While the plan does NOT have a specific exclusion for Covid 19 related medical claims, please note that the policy does NOT cover any other related Covid costs such as those related to quarantine, tests to cross borders, etc.  In addition, if due to possible quarantine outside of the province of residence, a member exceeded the number of days per trip coverage, the coverage would NOT be extended as it would under an eligible “medical” claim.

What should I do if I have a medical emergency while travelling?

If you have an emergency during your trip that requires assistance, medical treatment or hospitalization, you must contact the claims line using the numbers on your wallet card.  It is important, where possible, to notify the Insurer prior to seeking medical treatment wherever possible to register the claim and open a file.

What information do I need to provide when making a claim?

You must provide the name of the policyholder (member), their date of birth and the policy # (found on the card).  For active members, it is also helpful to have the member’s employee # for verification.

For further information, contact:
Britt Hartel
[email protected]