PWU Bruce Power Out of Province/Country Medical Insurance Program

Welcome to the PWU Bruce Power Out of Province/Country Medical Insurance Program.

This program offers comprehensive and affordable emergency medical travel insurance coverage to the retirees of the Power Workers’ Union (Bruce Power).

This coverage has been established by the PWU specifically for the benefit of the Canadian Resident PWU (Bruce Power) regular members, both active and retired. Coverage is funded by the PWU and is partially subsidized for those Retired members who opt into the program within the established timelines.

Arrangements for post-retirement coverage must be made directly with the Insurance Company by the member no later than 60 days from date of retirement. To arrange for post-retirement coverage, click here for the Enrollment Form.

This coverage is available to Retirees up to age 74 at the applicable negotiated rates

Please note that the role of the PWU in this program is limited to providing funding at its sole discretion and which it may end at any time without notice. The PWU is in no way liable for the provision of the insurance or decisions regarding coverage or claims or any other aspect of this insurance program. Comments by the PWU regarding the insurance plan on this web site or elsewhere are provided for information purposes only and create no legal obligations. The individual is bound by the policy of insurance, which governs the insurance relationship.

For further information, contact:
Linda Crombeen

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