Collective Agreements

Collective Agreements define the rules that govern the relationship between the employer and the union as a whole as well as conditions for individual PWU members.

Collective Agreement definition

The contract, written or oral, made between an employer or employers and a union on behalf of all the employees represented by the union.

Key Areas

The Power Workers’ Union negotiates Collective Agreements with organizations that employ our members. We approach collective bargaining with four key objectives:


Compensation and Benefits

Wages, overtime, vacations, pension, health benefits, insurance and sick leave, maternity leave, retirement, etc.


Job Status

Wage and employee categories, posting of vacancies, opportunities for advancement, access to training opportunities, etc.


Employee Discipline

Defining the processes used to enforce rules in a way that is clear and fair to the employee. Designed to be corrective not punitive.


Working Conditions

Including everything from hours of work to vacations to health and safety matters.

Contact your Steward

Collective Agreements are sometimes long and complicated documents. It is worth your while to read them. If you’d like a copy of your Collective Agreement, contact your Steward, you can also find the Collective Agreements in the MemberLink Area.