Workplace Issues

Having a problem on the job? The PWU has a process for this. Here’s how it works.

A solution for every problem

The PWU has a proven process in place to help members, should a problem arise at work.

Like any relationship, the one between employer and employee can encounter problems.


People sometimes disagree. Some people are tempted to abuse authority. Others decide that the rules just don’t apply to them. Some people can be stubborn or quarrelsome.

In the past, the greatest risk when these kinds of disagreements happened was to the employee, because the employer had all the power.


That’s why the PWU has negotiated – in every place where our members work – processes for managing and solving disagreements in a way that protects our members.

We know that every workplace needs rules – to protect the rights and the health and safety of everyone involved in the organization, to give our members a predictable environment to work in, and to help our employers compete and serve the customers.


We believe that the best workplaces are places where the employees have a clear voice in deciding what rules apply – that’s why we’re so active in the collective bargaining process – the rules and the way they apply have to be fair.

If your problem is related to application or interpretation of the collective agreement contact your Steward. If your problem is related to health and safety contact your health and safety representative.

Your Steward has a support network available including senior elected representatives, expert full-time staff specialists and top notch in-house Legal Counsel.