Collective Agreement Violations

Every Collective Agreement includes a grievance procedure. It gives the union the right to investigate and challenge management actions that we believe violate the Collective Agreement.

Timely solutions keep everyone happy

The Power Workers’ Union works on behalf of its members to resolve issues quickly and efficiently — that benefits both the member and the employer.

Don’t face high risk hazards alone.


Where management action violates the Collective Agreement, we do not hesitate to use the grievance procedure to protect our members’ rights. Time delays in resolving an employee complaint can be frustrating and the uncertainty of the outcome can be stressful. It’s the policy of the Power Workers’ Union to try to resolve problems early and effectively.


If you believe your rights are being violated, discuss the matter with your Steward. If the Steward can’t solve the problem working with your direct supervisor, he or she will pass the information on to the Chief Steward or Principal Steward who will pursue the matter with more senior members of management.


If the Chief Steward or Principal Steward is unable to solve the problem and agrees that your rights are being violated, he or she will start the grievance process by signing and filing a grievance on your behalf. If the matter requires arbitration to obtain a fair resolution the PWU will represent you throughout the process.