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PWU Protection Plan

No other union provides this valuable coverage to its members free of charge.

The Power Workers’ Union has arranged for the provision to its regular and PWU Hiring Hall members by reputable insurance companies of a group of benefits called the Power Workers’ Union Protection Plan (PWUPP). The PWUPP is designed to provide you with protection in the event you are defrauded or you have to defend yourself in a civil or criminal legal suit. It also provides title insurance for one property you own for as long as you own it.

All regular and PWU Hiring Hall members in good standing of the Power Workers’ Union are eligible for the Plan at no cost to them. There will also be no increase in your union dues as a result of this new member benefits program.

Plan Summary

Members can now take advatanges of:


Legal Expense Coverage

The Power Workers’ Union Protection Plan provides reimbursement of legal expenses incurred in defending you in relation to family law matters and against most criminal charges and civil law suits.


Identity Theft

Identity Theft coverage that goes beyond the resolution services offered by the banks or credit card companies and provides solid assistance with recovery of your stolen identity; and


Title Insurance

Title Insurance for new and existing property owners that kicks in should you be the victim of fraud related to your property or if you have to resolve any title issues that arise. Members can register ONE property they own for coverage.

The PWU has considered various service models to provide the coverage described below to eligible members in a manner that provides high-quality service and the greatest degree of flexibility in using the services of a lawyer of the member’s choice.

The PWU determined the best model to provide coverage for legal expenses incurred by members to obtain a defence in court was to implement an insurance program that would allow the member a choice as to their lawyer (subject to approval by the insurer) rather than telling the member which lawyer they could have to defend them. Members do not pay their lawyer, the PWUPP does and the PWU funds the program without interfering with the solicitor-client relationship. All of this is subject to the terms and conditions of the Plan and members get to access an Ontario-based call centre to help them with the process.

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