Progressive Discipline

It’s called the “Progressive Discipline System.” It makes sense for our members, and for the people who employ us.

A process to help

Problems need solutions, and the Progressive Discipline System works.

Progressive Discipline works!

The Progressive Discipline System works best if members ensure that the union is involved at every stage.


Progressive discipline is designed to be corrective – not punitive. Discipline becomes more and more severe for repeat violations of rules.


If you’ve received a verbal warning from your supervisor about any alleged breach of rules, make sure you discuss it with your Steward. With your permission, the Steward can approach the supervisor and work with you to solve the problem without disciplinary action. It’s in your interests – and in the employer’s interests, too – to solve problems as quickly as possible.


If the problem persists, and the supervisor moves to later stages in the Progressive Discipline System – giving you a warning in writing and threatening specific disciplinary action like suspension – it’s even more important to make sure you discuss it with your Steward.

Collective Agreement Violations

If management attempts to take disciplinary action outside the Progressive Discipline System process, to impose discipline that is disproportionate to the offense or rules violation, or if management actions are arbitrary or appear to violate the Collective Agreement, the PWU has a legal right to launch a Grievance on your behalf.