Collective Bargaining

In the Collective Bargaining process, employers and the union – acting on behalf of our members – work to jointly establish a binding contract that will govern the employer-employee relationship.

Strength through Representation

The Power Workers’ Union takes great pride in the fact that we are among the most democratic unions anywhere. It starts in your own workplace – where you and your co-workers elect your Steward – the individual who will speak on your behalf to your supervisors and represent you in the union.

Get the Power Workers’ Union on your side.

The Power Workers’ Union negotiates Collective Agreements with organizations that employ our members. We approach collective bargaining with three key objectives:


We negotiate to improve our members’ jobs by improving wages, working conditions, pensions, benefits, opportunities to develop new skills and flexibility in meeting both working and family responsibilities.


We negotiate to improve our employers’ ability to compete in their marketplaces and meet their mandates. Successful organizations are better employers.


We negotiate to provide better value for our customers and the community as a whole. That’s the best way to make sure that our members keep their good jobs and our employers continue to flourish.

Contact your Steward

Every member of the Power Workers’ Union can make a specific suggestion to improve a collective agreement through a bargaining submission. Bargaining submissions may be submitted the next time we negotiate the collective agreement with your employer.

​For questions regarding your collective agreement please contact your union steward.