Final Report – Strapolec – Renewables and Ontario/Quebec Transmission System Interties

Historically, Ontario has exported and imported significant amounts of electricity to and from Manitoba, Quebec, Michigan and New York.  These arrangements help ensure Ontario has sufficient reliable energy and capacity to meet provincial demand.  The province’s 2013 Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP) indicated that Ontario would continue to pursue cost-effective imports to help meet its future electricity needs. Most recently, Ontario and Quebec have been engaged in discussions regarding electricity exchanges that would benefit both provinces. As Ontario embarks on the next iteration of its LTEP, the costs and benefits of this option will be among the province’s supply choices.

This report examines the implications associated with expanding electricity transmission (Tx) intertie capacity between Ontario and Quebec.  Specifically, the following four posited benefits are assessed. Click on the pdf link below to view the full report.

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