Mitigating Ontario’s electricity system affordability risks requires accountability


Toronto, ON – June 3, 2024 — The third discussion paper in a series by the Power Workers’ Union (PWU) was released today.  These papers are offered to prompt discussion on better ways for Ontario to meet its growing electricity demand at a lower cost, with lower carbon emissions and in a more reliable, affordable and timely manner.

Ontario’s Powering Ontario’s Growth (POG) report laid out a pathway to ensure Ontario has the energy needed to power economic growth and electrification over the next three decades while maintaining its clean electricity advantage. The IESO’s Annual Planning Outlook (APO) and approach to procuring the needed resources is not addressing this objective.

“Prudent procurement of Ontario’s needed electricity assets should transparently reflect the consequential impacts of cost, including total system cost, economic and social development, and regional needs,” said Jeff Parnell, President of the PWU. “Continuing to base Ontario’s future supply mix procurements on capacity and energy markets unnecessarily exposes Ontario to significant affordability risks,” concluded Parnell.

The next and final PWU discussion paper will examine the deliverability risks in developing Ontario’s transmission and distribution systems to meet the demand growth. Mitigation options for building out distribution and transmission system capacity to meet the pace of electrification technology adoption will be outlined, including the integrated delivery of electricity, natural gas, and hydrogen, leveraging the value of behind the meter distributed energy resources (DERs) and rate programs.

About the Power Workers’ Union

The Power Workers’ Union (PWU), proudly Canadian, represents over 18,000 highly skilled and dedicated men and women in Ontario’s electricity sector. For over seventy years, the men and women of the PWU have been critical to keeping the province’s lights on.  The PWU remains a strong supporter and advocate for the prudent and rational reform of Ontario’s electricity sector and recognizes the importance of planning for low-cost, low-carbon energy solutions to enhance the competitiveness of Ontario’s economy.


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