Ontario Electricity Options Comparison

This paper, prepared by Strategic Policy Economics Inc., has developed two contrasting scenarios to illustrate the implications of possible alternative
supply mix choices for: total energy costs and electricity rates; the economic impacts of the investments  required to bring the alternative generation capacities online; and, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The  two scenarios have been selected as opposite ends of the option spectrum, not as policy recommendations, but rather to simply contrast the implications of choices:

  • Retained Wind scenario: assumes the development of new wind generation goes forward as outlined in the LTEP while investments in nuclear generation are curtailed. Under this scenario, additional gas-fired generation is introduced as a backstop to the intermittency of wind generation.
  • Retained Nuclear scenario: foresees that refurbishments and new build nuclear generation will proceed according to the LTEP while development of wind generation build out is curtailed.

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