Power Workers’ Union President Applauds International Nuclear Power Initiative

Power Workers’ Union President Applauds International Nuclear Power Initiative

Vancouver, BC Mel Hyatt, the President of the Power Workers’ Union, welcomes the International Energy Agency (IEA)’s call for a global and national commitment to clean, nuclear power. “If Canada and the world are to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, we need a national commitment to new nuclear power. Fortunately, Ontario is home to some of the leading nuclear power expertise in the world both in design, engineering, construction, production and operation,” said Mel Hyatt.

Mr. Hyatt is attending a Vancouver gathering of energy ministers and officials from 25 countries focused on exploring clean energy opportunities. Dr. Biron, the Executive Director of the IEA, called on participants to renew their commitment to nuclear power as part of a larger effort to reduce GHG emissions.

Nuclear power provides over 60% of Ontario’s baseload electricity power needs. The Province of Ontario has committed to refurbishing existing nuclear reactors at Darlington and the Bruce; this investment has already created thousands of new employment opportunities for young women and men across Ontario. Canada’s nuclear expertise is recognized around the globe, and Ontario is the major hub.

Canada and Ontario need a comprehensive nuclear power plan that helps us meet our clean energy and economic objectives. It must also include sustainable, good-paying jobs-existing and new, said Mr. Hyatt. “Canada can leverage nuclear energy to anchor a low carbon national electricity grid. Moreover, as the IEA report highlights, climate change is a real threat, and a commitment to nuclear power is part of the solution,” added Mr. Hyatt.

The Power Workers’ Union represents over 17,000 workers in Ontario’s power generation industry and is committed to working with government and industry in making Ontario and Canada a leader in the supply of clean, sustainable and affordable electricity.

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