Powering Forward on Darlington Refurbishment

The Power Workers’ Union commends the Ontario government for its announcement yesterday supporting the ongoing refurbishment project at the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station. This is good news for Ontario’s environment and economy.

Representatives of the Power Workers’ Union (PWU) were among the crowd who gathered at the Darlington Energy Complex on Thursday February 15, to hear about the government’s commitment to funding the refurbishment of a second reactor, Unit 3. Durham MPP, Granville Anderson addressed the group on the behalf of the Minister of Energy.

This announcement recognizes that the work on Unit 2, now at the half-way mark remains on time and on budget. Anderson said that those involved should take pride in this accomplishment.

PWU President, Mel Hyatt, stated that, “The provincial governments support for continuing the refurbishment program at Darlington will deliver great benefits for Ontario workers, consumers and the economy while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our membership is proud to be part of this success.”

Hyatt noted that for over a century, Ontario has produced its own electricity, which has underpinned the growth of our economy. “We are very pleased that Ontario’s leadership acknowledges that this nuclear reactor fleet is the province’s energy advantage.”

Refurbishment of Unit 2 is scheduled to be complete in February of 2020. Work on Unit 3 will move into full gear at that time.