PWU Submission to the Ministry of Energy (MoE) on IESO’s Pathways to Decarbonization Study, ERO 019-6647, May 2023.

The Ministry of Energy (MoE) is seeking feedback on the IESO’s Pathways to Decarbonization Study (P2D) report and, in particular, the IESO’s “no-regret” recommendations. This submission draws upon previous PWU advice to the government, the OEB and the IESO. There is evident urgency to resolving Ontario’s energy planning framework and initiating the siting and procurement processes, particularly for nuclear, the generally accepted most economic option for supplying Ontario’s future baseload electricity needs. The PWU believes that there are alternative electricity system scenarios that can provide lower cost and higher economic and environmental benefits to Ontario than identified by the P2D scenario. To unlock these opportunities requires urgent reform of Ontario’s long term planning framework and revised roles for the MoE, IESO, and OEB.

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