Submission to the IESO on the LT RFP

The IESO continues to engage on the design of the LT RFP to secure new capacity. Based on the recent 2022 Annual Acquisition Report (AAR), the LT RFP is now seeking 5500 to 6500 MW of new generation, an increase from the 1000 MW targeted as recently as March 2022. However, the PWU is concerned that the RFP designs favour new gas-fired generation and compromises the affordability, reliability, and long-term emissions of Ontario’s electricity system. In addition to the risk mitigation options the PWU identified in its AAR submission, the PWU recommends additional steps including a redesign of the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI), leveraging Electric Vehicles (EVs), being specific about the need for consecutive operational hours that alternative technologies may be able to supply, being flexible on contract lengths for different technologies, and objectively evaluating the risks to Ontario’s system reliability that IESO’s procurement practices have and will continue to cause.

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