Ontario Needs Better Planning to Avoid an Electricity System Crisis


Toronto, ON – April 11,  2024 — A new discussion paper (https://www.pwu.ca/better-planning/) was released today by the Power Workers’ Union (PWU) that launches a series of papers to prompt discussion on better ways for Ontario to meet its growing electricity demand in a lower cost, lower carbon, and more reliable, affordable and timely manner.

Ontario’s Powering Ontario’s Growth (POG) report laid out a pathway to ensure Ontario has the energy needed to power economic growth and electrification over the next three decades while maintaining its clean electricity advantage. The POG and the recent Electrification and Energy Transition Panel (EETP) report lay out strategic imperatives for proactively planning Ontario’s electricity system.

“Ontario urgently needs to accelerate building the scale of low-carbon infrastructure on a timeline that meets the province’s long-term resource requirements,” said Jeff Parnell, President of the PWU. “The strategic imperatives are not being adequately addressed by the IESO’s annual planning and resource acquisition approach.”

The PWU will be releasing three papers in the coming months to examines how Ontario’s current approach to planning and procuring critical long-term, low-carbon electricity resources needs significant changes and additional policy direction.  “The PWU intends to broaden the discussion of Ontario’s approach to system planning and the accelerated decision-making required to secure new reliable and affordable, low-carbon, long-life energy assets,” concluded Parnell.

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