Ontario Power Generation (Nuclear) - Power Workers Union

Ontario Power Generation (Nuclear)

PWU members are referred Ontario Power Generation (Nuclear) through the Joint Canadian Union of Skilled Workers (CUSW)/PWU Dispatch for all electrical trades work. Trades workers are referred from the appropriate Building Trades Union (BTU) under the terms of the Chestnut Park Accord Addendum.

While working under the PWU/OPG (Nuclear) Appendix A, BTU members are represented by the PWU as PWU members.

PWU members have benefits and retirement deductions remitted to the plans in accordance with the wage schedule established by CUSW.

Members at Darlington Nuclear Generating Station, Pickering Nuclear Generating Station and at the Bruce Power site are eligible for travel and room and board allowances. The PWU/OPG (Nuclear) Collective Agreement governs eligibility and amounts payable.

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