POWERWORKS PWU Newsletter – April 2018

President’s Message

On April 28th Canadian flags will be lowered to half-mast, and millions of Canadians will gather together in workplaces and communities across the country to participate in Day of Mourning ceremonies. It is impossible for me to express the deep sadness and despair that rips through families, co-workers and communities when workers involved in workplace accidents lose their lives or suffer life-altering critical injuries.

Health and safety culture has evolved through the years from an unquestionable truth, that workers are more than their employee numbers, they are women and men, others and daughters, fathers and sons who are both loved and irreplaceable. As we move forward we need to do more to protect our young members. We need to work harder to ensure they are safe in our workplaces.

Every owner, employer, manager, supervisor and worker, has a vital role to play in advocating and supporting safer workplaces. We all must work together and look out for one another. We know that workplace injuries and fatalities are preventable, and it is with this knowledge, that we set aside April 28, the National Day of Mourning, to make sure all those injuries and deaths are not forgotten

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