Orange Shirt Day


This year, the Power Workers’ Union (PWU) worked with the Indigenous Relations Committee (IRC) to encourage members of our community to have their artwork showcased. The PWU launched the IRC Logo Contest, and received a submission from Tim Ireland of Oneida Nation Thames. His hand-drawn design depicts two feathers and the native Sun.

The PWU will be producing T-Shirts for Orange Shirt Day, and Tim Ireland’s design will be showcased on all of the t-shirts. Every PWU member will receive a T-Shirt when you provide a donation receipt of a minimum of $15 to a Canadian Indigenous organization that supports education, healing and the lives of our Indigenous peoples.

Follow this link: to fill out a survey. Within the survey you will provide your name, employee number, mailing address, and size of T-Shirt you’d like. Here you will also have an opportunity to upload an image of your donation receipt. Throughout the next two months, the PWU will work to ship these shirts to you. To receive a t-shirt by Orange Shirt Day on September 30th you must submit your survey by August 23rd.

Orange Shirt Day is a solemn and significant day. On this day we honour survivors of the residential school system, where students were removed from their families and sent away for school. It’s a day that brings light to a very dark moment of Canada’s history, and one that deserves acknowledgement. Please see below for a list of great organizations that you can donate to:


We thank you for participating in this initiative. The IRC is excited to also announce that these shirts will be a permanent item in our PWU Clothing Catalogue and will be available for purchase all year round. Try and get your orders in soon so you can have your shirt for Orange Shirt Day and stand in solidarity with every Canadian child.

In unity,
PWU’s Indigenous Relations Committee
April 6, 2019
August 14, 2020

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