5. Role of Purves Redmond Limited? - Power Workers Union

5. Role of Purves Redmond Limited?

  • Purves Redmond Limited is appointed as the insurance brokers for the Power Workers’ Union Protection Plan. Simply put, Purves Redmond Limited co-ordinates the insurance policies, answers your questions, services and helps you with your issues or complaints, and ensures you are treated fairly by the insurance company – especially in the event of a claim.
  • An insurance broker has a fiduciary responsibility to each and every insured, including all members of the Power Workers’ Union Protection Plan. This means that it is their job to work in your best interest, and to advocate your interests to the insurance company.
  • Independent brokers pride themselves on offering personalized, caring service to their clients. They understand the confusion and stress felt when a loss occurs. If you need help or if a problem arises, Purves Redmond Limited will help guide you through the claims process.
  • Purves Redmond Limited has the staff, resources, expertise, and clout with the insurance companies to be of assistance and to support you when you need them.
  • To learn more about insurance brokers in Ontario, their role and services, visit https://www.ibao.org/.
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