2. Who is and is NOT covered? - Power Workers Union

2. Who is and is NOT covered?

  • Who is covered:
    Regular and PWU Hiring Hall members in good standing of the Power Workers’ Union who reside in Ontario or Quebec. This includes:

    • Regular full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees
    • Members of the PWU Hiring Hall, meaning those members who pay out of work dues to the PWU
    • Probationary employees
    • Employees on Long Term Disability
    • Quebec residents are also eligible.
      • Covered family members
        • Spouse – Includes:
          • A person legally married to the employee
          • A person who is publicly represented by the employee as their spouse
          • A same sex partner

            • Divorced spouses are not covered
            • Only one person can be considered a qualified spouse at any one time. In the event that an employee takes up residence with an individual and publicly represents that individual as their spouse, the spousal status of any other individual is automatically terminated.
        • Children
          • Includes any child of the employee or their spouse, and legally adopted children, who must meet all of the following criteria:
            • Must be unmarried
            • Must be unemployed
            • Must be attending school full time (in which case the student may be employed outside school attendance times)
            • Must be under 24 years old
        • Other qualified dependents
          • Children to whom the employee stands in the position of a parent for purposes of the Income Tax Act, the Divorce Act or the Family Law Act. This may include nieces, nephews, or grandchildren. Such dependents are covered only if they meet the following conditions:
            • Under age 19, and
            • Is a resident in Canada living with the employee, and
            • Is fully dependent for support, food/shelter on the employee and
            • Has a personal income of less than the basic personal amount under the Income Tax Act.
  • Who is NOT covered
    • Pensioners, retirees. Members can arrange to purchase coverage prior to retirement (see below)
    • Temporary members
    • Transit Card Holders, such as members referred to work by other trade unions
    • Contract employees
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