Support Bruce Power’s Licence Renewal Application

The Power Workers’ Union (PWU) is united with like-minded organizations that recognize the importance of the Bruce Power Generating Station (BPNGS). We ask all PWU members and those from the Retired Workers’ Chapter, to show their support for Bruce Power and its ten-year licence renewal application.

Support Bruce Power

You can quickly and easily sign your name to the petition that is being hosted on the Canadian Nuclear Workers’ Council (CNWC) website By signing on to this petition, you’ll be helping to stimulate the province’s economy and securing reliable and low-cost electricity to millions of Ontario residents. You’ll be saying yes to tens of thousands of good high-value jobs and ensuring our future supply of life saving medical grade Cobalt 60. Sign and share the petition on social media.

It’s vital that we ensure the positive points about the BPNGS are heard as Bruce Power embarks upon this process with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNWC).

Larry Alderdice, Chief Steward and Sector Representative for the Power Workers’ Union on the Bruce site, said it is important Bruce Power receive a 10-year licence, so it can continue with its Life-Extension Program, which will see the site operate to 2064.

“Bruce Power is there when the people of Ontario need it, supplying 30 per cent of the province’s power,” Alderdice said. “It also injects billions into the province’s economy annually, while creating thousands of direct and indirect jobs – many of those unionized – across the province.”

We encourage you to sign the petition and attend public hearings taking place in Ottawa, on March 14th, and in Kincardine, on May 30th and 31st.