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November 17, 2015

Extending the Operation of Pickering GS

Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from Ontario’s electricity sector are expected to more than double from 2014 levels, and could negate the reductions already achieved by closing the province’s coal stations. Ontario’s growing dependence upon carbon-emitting natural gas-fired generation in the next decade is particularly concerning as more and more of this fuel comes from environmentally-questionable shale gas. Carbon pricing, likely in the form of a Cap and Trade program with Quebec and California, will bring new cost pressures for residential, commercial and industrial electricity consumers if Ontario’s carbon emissions rise.

In the coming months, as the province’s 2013 Long-Term Energy Plan is being updated, Ontario’s decision makers will need to address these and some other critical challenges. Besides meeting the province’s GHG targets and ensuring system reliability, Ontarians will expect to see rising electricity prices kept in check and a healthy and expanding economy that sustains existing jobs and creates new ones....

November 17, 2015

Report Outlines Benefits of Extending Operations of the Pickering GS

The PWU has released a study prepared by Strategic Policy Economics that outlines the environmental and economic benefits of the extending the operating life of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station by four years until 2024. The study demonstrates that this extension would avoid greenhouse gas emissions by over 18 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, lower electricity system costs by over $1.5 billion, preserve 40,000 person year equivalent jobs, and inject $7 billion into the Ontario economy. ...

October 14, 2015

Nuclear energy: Ontario’s greenhouse gas reducing advantage

Following re-election, Premier Wynne signalled her intention to aggressively tackle climate change. In a Mandate letter, Minister Murray, of the newly named Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, was directed to see climate change was incorporated into government decision-making, and to work with other ministries to develop a long-term provincial climate change strategy and a Canadian Energy Strategy.

Ontario’s plan to refurbish its low-carbon nuclear electricity generation fleet is an essential step in ensuring that Ontario’s electricity system remains one of the lowest cost, lowest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting electricity systems in the world while creating good jobs and growing the economy....

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